22 de junho de 2024
Erika Bento

My daughter and a k-pop concert

This is for all parents of k-pop fans: Why I allow my 13 year-old daughter to go to a k-pop concert.
Let me ask all parents of K-pop fans this: ‘what are your memories from your teenage that make you happy just remembering them” Mine are the amazing moments I spent with my friends, my passion for my idols and the ability to dream so loud that nothing could stop me of being happy. That’s why I allow my 13 year old daughter to live her teenage in full, but we also have an agreement. I will always support her passions and dreams and she will always fulfil her responsibilities. Which means that school comes first, most of the times. Her future is not a joke for me or for her, but it can be a playground. Life is to be lived happily.
This agreement has lead us to two things: her grades are fantastic and she is emotionally healthy. What else a parent can wish for?
Yes, they are a group of boys and girls singing in Korean, but they are also an opportunity to live their first love, make new friends, learn a different language and culture, be open minded and make memories.
I am 52 years old now and have lived my daughter’s dreams side by side to her because I also want to look back and remember the day when we both cried watching BTS concert; when she got her first album and light stick; when we finaly got the ULT VIP ticket to Monsta X, and this is just the beginning of an amazing journey called teenage.
Life is full of disappointment, sadness and struggles, but it is also full of happy moments if we allow them. We can help our children to find the balance, starting from supporting their dreams. In doing so, we can also understand better this complicated world of being a teenage in the 21st century – which it is not an easy ride.
To my daughter Cléo, who I promise to always be there for you, no matter what. You are doing great! Thank you for being such an amazing kid.
Thank you, Marina and Marcelo, who are now 30 and 31, for being my biggest proud. You both turned out a much better version of myself. Courageous, successful, loving parent and friends. Our memories together have helped me to be a better person.
Love, mum.


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